Information Graphic Design and Photo Credits

Margie Adam. Songwriter.
Graphic Design: Barbara Balch
Photography: Holly Hartman

Naked Keys
Graphic Design: Bette Duke
Photograhy: Joan Biren

We Shall Go Forth!
Graphic Design: Schreiber-Peterson Design
Photography: Sharon Beals

Here Is A Love Song
Graphic Design: Bette Duke
Photography: Irene Stern, Victoria Rouse

Best of Margie Adam
Graphic Design: Leslie Speer
Photography: Lynda Koolish

Another Place
Graphic Design: Laura Parker
Photography: Irene Young

Soon and Again
Graphic Design: Leslie Speer
Photography: Irene Young

Additional photos throughout the site were taken by:
Lynda Koolish, Holly Hartman, Joan Biren, Irene Young,
Lorraine Parow, Sandra Pinney and Brynna Fish.

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