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7 November 2002

Raising Our Voices for Peace

Here are some of the messages people have sent in response to my email note...       (We will continue to post interesting responses as they come in.)

Thanks for your stand against war and hate. In Oxford we start regular vigils for peace every wednesday at noon in the town park. The idea of women in black...

love and peace to you,
Ps. Even though I am greatly saddened by the election results I try not to let the "elephant turkeys" get me down.

Thanks for doing this. You're message will mobilize many people that may not have taken any, some or all of those steps!

This email is great. My sister is representing us with some friends in San Francisco and we will be at the candlelight vigil, smaller but nevertheless a good thing, here in Los Angeles.

The demo here two weeks agao, though organized by fringies, nevertheless was fantastic -- over 10,000 people, lots new, totally diverse, multigenerational, families, queers, EVERYONE....

I believe this war is so insane that most people are opposed to it and many of us will draw a big fat line in the sand.

I read your e-mail not knowing who Paul Wellstone was. Many more of us know now. Same day I heard of him, he died. Coincidences are very weird sometimes.

There is an event in the works here in Lansing similar to one many faith groups sponsored on Afghanistan with folks from Iraq who are in this area. We are lucky to have lots of choices to be active in peace work with others.

Thanks for your e-mail and for reminding us all that each voice counts.

Thanks for this. We have a daily prayer vigil going from our Unitarian Church. And you know what, it's working.

With every day that passes, the forces of Peace grow stronger. The Hawks are being held down throughout the world by conscious folks who know that to unleash the hounds of war at this time would cause a world wide eruption of violence, that we may never see the end of.

Thank you so much for your huge heart!

Thanx for all your outreach efforts, Margie. You are truly a gift in many ways. Remember the Peace Corp? I know the colleges still have ROTC. Do you think the idea of a Peacekeepers ROTC/type program would be doable? Young people are such a great resource, it's such a shame to train them only for waging war.

Thank you for your pro-active account. I'm glad to get this message and the information.

I thought these were all great ideas. I have already done most of the things you suggested, but I was glad to get your letter anyway. The media is so "pliant" that it is sometimes hard to remember that there are so many people who share my opposition to the war in Iraq and to most of Bush's other policies. Thanks for taking the time to write.
  Best Wishes, Martha

Right On Marg! We all have been needing something JUST LIKE THIS!! I'm sending this on.

Thanks for your courage, Margie! I'll look for you on Saturday, but, hopefully, there will be too many thousands of people to find anyone!

I called the White House, too; voted absentee this week; and gave $250 to Paul Wellstone's campaign when he was here in September. Great suggestions!
  Best wishes, Paul

Thank you for speaking out and providing information for people to speak up against going to war. My friends and neighbors in the northwest corner of Connecticut are renting a bus to go to the protest in Washington DC on Saturday. I enjoy your music and I wanted you to know that your call to action is being heard.

Dear Neville Chamberlin Adam, Please remove my name from your mailing list! Your naive pacifism is pathetic - uninformed and naive. If Hitler had been removed before he got to invade other countries and start WWII - millions would be alive. Today's situation is similar. There were people with your attitude then and there are people like that now - unfortunately.

Here are some notes from our local peace group. We look for things that "regular" people can do.

1. Make Peace an issue at all levels in the election. Tell candidates you won't vote for them unless they oppose war. Attend debates and forums and ask questions.
2. Write letters to the editor. Glenda, Diana and Ann will write the first letters. Others will respond to those letters. The goal is to make it appear that lots of people are opposed to the war. Dayton Daily, Troy Daily, Women's paper, Advocate. Let the group know when you write or see a letter in the paper.
3.Use peace symbols...dove and 0 in lots of ways. Tattoos, yard signs, bumper stickers, lawn ornaments, etc.
4. Participate in the dove ribbon campaign. Wings of the Dove Campaign; PO Box 1051; Troy, OH 45373.
5. Visit Congressman Boehner's office and register your opposition to war every time you are in town.
6. Go as a large group to Congressman Boehner's office when he or his staff are having office days. Bring everybody you know along.
7. Write a letter to your family and friends telling them about how you feel about peace and ask them to join you in opposing war.
8. Inform every teen and young adult you know that there is serious consideration of reinstating the draft.
9. Begin thinking about how we can help draft resisters. More on this in future meetings
10. Inform people about the PATRIOT act and the Homeland Security act and how they are eroding our civil liberties. Read Nancy Chang's book "Silencing Political Dissent".
11. Participate in non-violent protest. Read Walter Wink's "The Powers That Be".
12. Try to find a very well know spokesperson to carry the message.
13. Insert a short blurb in your church, mosque, temple, synagogue or coven bulletin. Ask people to join us.
14. Take the Iraq Peace pledge and give it to everyone you know.
15. Sign up with "Not In Our Name."
16. Keep the bigger picture for peace in mind while focusing our immediate energy on Iraq.
17. Support humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, etc.

Thanks very much. I went back to music school and I'm too busy to pee, but thanks for reminding me there are more important things than midterms. I'll try to take some action.

Brava! this is a great call for action!

Onward and Outward!

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27th September 2002

Raising Our Voices for Peace
Earth Peace Dear Friends - Many of us are trying to figure out how best to resist the deafening drumbeat for war coming out of the Bush administration and amplified by a pliant media.

And now we must contend with a new and devastating development - Sen. Paul Wellstone's death in a plane crash - and the increasing possibility that the radically conservative republican administration may control the House of Representatives and the Senate after the November 5 elections.

Here are actions I am taking that make me feel less powerless, less disconnected and hopeless. Please do what you can, where you can.

Anti-war demonstrations occurred Oct. 26 in many places around the world. I felt such incredible waves of hope and excitement standing in a sea of peace-loving people in San Francisco. Like surges of electricity, huge cheers moved through the crowd from one end of the march to the other- energizing each one of us who raised her voice to join the massive soundwave. For those of us who are eager to stay connected with the positive energy we felt at those rallies, and for those of us who were motivated to get active by seeing coverage of these events, here are websites that provide excellent information about how to stay/get plugged in.

Check out the following sites for more information on world-wide peace events.

I have called to White House - 202.456.1111 - and expressed my opposition to the United States making war on Iraq. It was a very easy procedure: a friendly operator on the other end simply registered my opinion. The line is often busy but keep trying. The line is open from 9-5 Monday through Friday. Please join me in making this call.

November 5 we have an opportunity to vote for men and women who are committed to peace and reconciliation rahter than war-making. Please be sure to get to the polls and remind your friends.

I have made political contributions to Sen. Paul Wellstone and Rep. Barbara Lee among others. If you have financial resources, please consider directing a portion of them to senatorial and congressional candidates who are at risk because of their opposition to the war, particularly Senator Jean Carnahan of Missouri and Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire.

Thank you for considering any of these actions as well as for doing what you are already doing for peace and justice at this critical moment in our human history.

With all my heart,

Onward and Outward!

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27th September 2002
Me and Minnie Yes, It's That Time Again... Disneyland!

You know, things are just too serious not to have fun on a regular basis. Going to Disneyland is like using a giant roto-rooter on my heart. I love watching children - eyes wide, jaws dropped to the ground - stunned by the simple proximity of this huge dog, Pluto waving "Hello!" There are the high-speed thrill rides... particularly a new one called "California Screamin'" that seized me and made me ride it four times. The beginning of the ride features a catapult that rockets passengers in little cars 60 miles an hour in about three seconds, up an incline and then over and around and through twists and turns - a spiral where you're upside-down, and on and on. Lovely. I felt completely relaxed when I climbed out of the car. Wobbly, but relaxed.

Kerry Lobel and MA rocketing...
And then there was Minnie. She had just flown in from Florida when we ran into each other. What a Gal!

I wish for each of us as much joy and delight as possible even as we commit ourselves to doing whatever we can every day to resist the state-sponsored war on our civil liberties and on the peoples of the Middle East.

Onward and Outward!

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25th July 2002
Listening to a thousand women sing Seeing Is Believing...
Listening to a thousand women sing "Seeing Is Believing..."
"Life Is What Happens When We're Busy Making Plans..."

It seems like only yesterday I was standing in my living room with Rep. Barbara Lee, raising $$ for her successful primary campaign. This week I found myself at a gathering in San Francisco listening to Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. You remember him - he's the one who courageously backed "civil unions" in his state. It seems he's decided to run for President of the United States and intends to bring his progressive, pro-choice point of view to the national stage. These are two political campaigns that are giving me hope in at a very dark time in America.

At the same time, I have had many adventures since last I wrote, so that I've actually had little time to reflect and report them here. Where to start? Well, first take a deep breath, Marg.

Hmmm.... Should I tell them this joke ore not...?
Hmmm.... Should I tell them that joke or not...?
Here are a couple of photos from the recent National Women's Music Festival in Muncie, Indiana. I attended the very first National Women's Music Festival in 1974 and each return visit since then has been just as inspiring and energizing. I had such a great time this year, listening to women from all over the country sharing their versions of Women's Music: all genres, all attitudes, all women writing and performing in the key of LIFE! The production values (lights, sound, stage management) were excellent. Had I not spilled a whole bottle of water over my cellphone at the soundcheck, my festival experience would have been perfect. This festival, which has launched so many women artists' careers in the alternative music scene, continues to be a valuable breeding ground for new generations of strong young women in music as well as a showcase for the best of women's music as it exists today. Many thanks to the women who have held it together year after year against all odds.

Undoubtedly the most remarkable thing that has happened in my world has been my growing involvement with the labyrinth. As the result of a simple act of gratitude, I have begun to work with this extraordinary entity, both as a musician as well as a facilitator. I will write more about this soon...

Onward and Outward!

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March 29th 2002
Barbara Lee event raises Big $$

Barbara Lee, Margie and Lily Tomlin's check
I couldn't help myself.
I had to have Lily's check blown up so I could present it to Rep. Lee just like in the movies!
We did an extraordinary thing. As Rep. Barbara Lee sailed to a primary election victory (with a huge amount of room to spare!) the Feb. 3 fund-raiser passed the $22,000 mark. From my point of view, I think this qualifies as serious money! These funds came from hundreds of contributors from all over the United States who answered the call to support this remarkable leader and her commitment to peace and justice.

Certainly, this effort succeeded because a gang of multi-talented co-hosts joined me in putting their shoulders to the wheel. They included Lily Tomlin, Jewelle Gomez, Danielle Donovan, Barbara Brust, Diane Sabin, Boo Price, Susan Brennan, Deborah Drysdale, Tracy Gary, Barbara Scott, Léonie Walker, Kate O'Hanlan and Dorothy Abbott.

We all know the next part of Congresswoman Lee's campaign, as she faces Republican opposition, will be much harder. That's why the fund-raising effort was crucial for generating "early money" support and enthusiasm inside and around her campaign.
Barbara Lee, Margie and Lily Tomlin's check
Left to right, co-hosts included Dorothy Abbott, Diane Sabin, Jewelle Gomez, Barbara Scott, Barbara Brust, Deborah Drysdale, Kate O'Hanlon, Léonie Walker, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Margie, Danielle Donovan, Amanda Piasecki, Susan Brennan, Barbara Price. Here in spirit: Lily Tomlin and Tracy Gary.

Besides raising "serious money" for Rep. Lee, I did have another agenda - maybe a better word is "wish." I wished she would experience what it feels like when women get together as a community to celebrate and support each other's work - at events for our organizations, at fund-raising receptions and the like. I hoped our event would infuse her with women-loving energy and spirit.

Barbara Lee, Barbara Brust
Barbara Brust presents Rep. Lee with an envelope filled with contributions from 32 cities across the United States. It was Barbara's idea to take our fund-raiser on-line.
My deepest joy is that the women who gathered to honor Congresswoman Lee showed and shared just that energy and spirit with her and she recognized it. When she walked into my house, the room erupted in spontaneous cheering that nearly lifted the roof off.

When I saw Rep. Lee at a recent event, she went on and on about how exceptional our event was. Then she took me aside and told me quite pointedly that I should let her know if there was anything she could do to support the work we are engaged in as feminists. "I'll be there," she said. And I believe her. Because when the chips were down and every other so-called progressive politician took cover, Barbara Lee was there - standing... holding a place for the principled dissent and vibrant progressive feminism.

Barbara Lee For all of your who sent checks in, thank you for joining me in this grassroots fund-raising effort to support a truly courageous and patriotic woman - Rep. Barbara Lee.

Onward and Outward!

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Photography: Joan Bobkoff

24th February 2002
Look what we did!

We raised over $20,000 on February 3 at a remarkable gathering of women from all over Northern California. I will have photos, a final talley and a few thoughts to share very soon.

Suffice to say, one of the most thrilling moments of the day was introducing Congresswoman Lee to a room full of enthusiastic supporters who nearly lifted the roof off my house with their cheers. Another powerful moment came when Barbara Brust (my website designer and grassroots fund-raiser) presented Rep. Lee with an envelope full of contributions from women all over the country.

If you would like to be part of this fund-raising effort for a truly courageous woman's political campaign, please drop me a note and include your contribution payable to "Barbara Lee for Congress." Include on the memo line "Margie Adam."

Send contributions to:

Margie Adam
Pleiades Records
PO Box 7217
Berkeley, CA 94707

Onward and Outward!

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28th January 2002
We Can Do This!

Barbara Lee Speaks for me
Well...I don't know about you, but I'm glad to be in 2002. Fresh energy, fresh ideas. And here is one idea that moved immediately to action for me.

I went to a fund-raiser for Rep. Barbara Lee, the courageous congresswoman who cast the lone vote September 14 against giving President Bush extended war powers. As I watched and listened to her throughout the event, I thought to myself: This woman is the Real Deal. She is a warrior for peace and justice, a voice for all who believe in a compassionate patriotism. Read Rep. Lee's own words, "Why I voted against war."

I decided on the spot to have a fund-raiser for her in my home - the first ever for me. What motivated me was the simple fact that there weren't twenty voices raised on September 14th against blind vengeance and retaliation, but only one. That voice was Barbara Lee's. She has now been targeted for defeat and they are coming after her. I feel compelled to do what I can to support her even as she has upheld core feminist values. Click here to read more about her stands on issues and legislation.

The fundraiser will take place on February 3 (Sunday), in Berkeley, CA, from 3-5 pm. Because waging peace takes money as well as principles, I am inviting every single person who reads this message to join me in contributing to her campaign. Consider what her voice in Congress is worth to you, to the values you hold close.

I understand that most reading this message will either not be able to attend because of distance or because the suggested minimum $100 contribution is not possible at this time. The Radical Right has taught us that raising Big Money happens in $5s and $10s as well as $100s and $1000s. I invite you to contribute something, anything - $5, $10 or more - to Representative Lee's re-election campaign. I would be thrilled to deliver an envelope full of checks from folks around the country that support her actions and her voice.

If you would like to be part of this grassroots action, please email me back with the amount you are willing contribute and I will keep a tally. I encourage you to organize among your friends and invite them to contribute to her campaign as well.

Make checks out to: "Barbara Lee for Congress" and include in memo: "Margie Adam"
Send them to:

Margie Adam
Pleiades Records
PO Box 7217
Berkeley, CA 94707
We can do this. This is 2002, a new year, a new set of possibilities. We can do this!

You can contact me directly at:
And please sign our mailing list.

Onward and Outward!
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