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18th September 2001
As Always, The Personal is Political

Peace Symbol In our grief and our anger about the recent terrorist attacks on America, each of us is making choices about how we will respond. Feelings of powerlessness and rage can be like a sedative - lulling us into thinking there's nothing to be done but more violence. For me, the challenge is to stay awake. My heart aches for so many lost and for their families and friends left with a sudden blunt stillness. As much as I want to turn away from all the news coverage, some part of me knows that I must keep looking.

It means something deep and hopeful that each of us is not alone in this horrific experience. I must keep focusing on the reality that the terror that was visited on New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania has been occurring around the world for years and years. This is just the latest chapter. I am a part of this one world where people who have mourned before are mourning with all of us who are mourning now.

It is my hope that the sadness and grief I feel may be transformed by activism into strong thread. I wish to weave my experience as a woman-loving woman into the international fabric being sewn by all who have been impacted by violence, whether personal, terrorist or state-sponsored. Let this fabric be a bright flag to be waved as we wage peace not violent retaliation.

Not In My Name!
The US government's response to these recent acts of terrorism has caused me great distress and anxiety. Here are actions I am taking in resistence to the intense pressure to demonize individuals and communities while civil liberties are being threatened and media coverage is being corrupted.

  1. Rep. Barbara Lee was the lone dissenting voice in the September 14 House of Representatives resolution giving George W. Bush extended war powers. She was concerned that, with only five hours of debate, Congress was surrendering its role as representative of the people's right to discuss and debate this awesome act making war. Click here to read Rep. Lee's explanation, "Why I voted against war." I have written to support her courageous stand at I urge you to do the same.

  2. The corporate-controlled news media has consistently narrowed the scope of discussion and analysis of the terrorist attacks to include only military solutions. I am seeking out independent, alternative sources of news and commentary at websites like Common Dreams, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, a media watch group and People for the American Way, an anti-censorship organization. I listen to KPFA-FM, Berkeley's Pacifica station. I read The Nation magazine, also on-line at

  3. Civil liberties - As the conversation about civil liberties vs. national security is reaching a fever pitch, I am deeply concerned that my rights of privacy, free speech and free movement will be negotiated away by our representatives for a phoney guarantee of increased personal safety. The progressive media sites I have listed above are talking about these issues. Also check out Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union, organizations which are tracking proposed legislation effecting civil liberties which is being debated in congress.
10% Is A Good Start!
KPFA and other progressive radio stations are likely to have the most up-to-date information on community actions (teach-ins, peace rallies, etc.) taking place near you. I hope you will join me in seeking out public events where we can be counted among those who believe that, as feminists, we must insist on discussion and debate even as we support alternatives to violent retaliation.

The polls say 90% of Americans support the U.S. government's decision to go to war. Join me in adding to the 10% who understand violence is not the answer.

6th September 2001
Here are some more messages from listeners who are enjoying Avalon. I guess I'll never get over the overwhelming surge of gratitude that washes over me whenever I get notes like these. Each piece of feedback is like a blast of adrenaline. I deeply appreciate every person who has taken the time to write me about their experience of my new music.

Onward and Outward!

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More Avalon Reviews from Listeners...

I am also a singer songwriter, retreat leader and writer. Last weekend at a retreat, I distributed tiny hand-held mirrors and played your song "Woman in the Mirror" for the Christian lesbian retreat members so they could look at their facial reflections and get a glimpse of the God in them.

Resa - Michigan

Before I even got the CD I previewed it online, because I couldn't wait. Hearing your voice, your piano harmonies, the way the accompanying instruments just mesh and sing along with you - it was like coming home. It just all fit within my heart and resonated in me. Of course, I instantly ordered the CD. I like your music, its always good. I like your lyrics, sometime they make me think. But sometimes, on dark lonely stressful nights when I can't sleep, I fill my CD changer with all your discs and just listen and you help me make it through the night. Thank you for all the hard work you do putting it out there.

Corky - Ohio

I recently purchased Avalon. It is a fantastic CD. Your version of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" is absolutely wonderful--and then to follow it with another beautiful song "Woman Of My Heart"--wow. "Avalon" is one of this gay man's new favorites. Thank you for such incredible music.

Ron - New York

Just when we thought listening to you couldn't get any better, along comes Avalon... Thank you and all of the rest of incredible talented women who made this happen. The work that went into this album comes from the heart and soul. Just listening to it you can tell how much everyone involved poured themselves into the making of pure magic.

Carollee & Donna - Ohio

14th July 2001

Listeners Review AVALON

I promised I'd share some of the responses I'm getting from people who are enjoying Avalon. Here are a few of my favorites, along with a breath-taking flower I saw growing right up through stone on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Onward and Outward!

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AVALON has become a permanent fixture in the six slot CD player in my car. Just to show you how much it is played, my children are singing along to "A Woman's Work is Never Done"...which by the way spurred an interesting dialogue with my six year old daughter the other day. The song was on and she said to me, "Mom, is it true that a woman's work is never done?" Talk about opening Pandora's box. It was actually nice, because it provided a nice framework for a real female awareness discussion with her. So thank you!

--Stephanie, Pennsylvania

Hawaii The recording is impossibly beautiful. your vocals are crystal clear and I can't even talk about the music--particularly the "Avalon" instrumental. I blare it through my speakers.

--Jennifer, New York

So . . . I was in the office doing some work. I have your CD on with Fourplay, Bocelli and something else. A song came on that stopped me on a dime and I just wanted to tell you - once again - you have touched my heart. The song? "Woman of My Heart." WONDERFUL! I also want to tell you how much I enjoy the inclusion of the subtle instrumentation on some of the pieces.

----Mary, Washington

i just love my new Avalon CD. love how you arranged it. i especially enjoy having the instrumental version wind the CD down. it was a perfect ending to a perfect CD. congratulations!!!

--Judy, Maryland

I hope I speak for many in thanking you again for the gift of your music and your "radical presence." Listening to "Avalon" was like being sat down by a fire and wrapped in a healing blanket... I have to admit that I was surprised. I was prepared to hear activist anthems--to be stirred again to be in it for the long haul, be one of the women who dare, etc. I was prepared to hear songs of love and loss that would make me ache... Of course I had registered the differentness of the theme song, with its calming, soul-centered sounds. Those of us who are seekers, who walk labyrinths and who are on a spiritual path can now hear more explicitly this part of you.

--Linda, Oregon

Hawaii Thanks for the speedy shipment of the new CD! It's been playing here for the past 4 hours or so... What a treat to listen to new Margie songs and instrumentals. Such exquisite arrangements! Congratulations on this stunning achievement, and thanks to all of you for giving us all this new music to cherish.

--Don, Illinois

WOW! I popped the CD in the car and instantly got chills! Then, once I heard "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" the tears poured down my face. So, I am driving down the road blinking to see. I calmed down, and then "A Woman's Work Is Never Done." came on. Awesome!!!

--Susan, California

i got AVALON this afternoon...i've been listening to it non-stop....i love it! i could listen to "Avalon" forever. for some wonderful reason it makes me cry like a baby. guess i'll keep listening to it. thank you...from way down inside...

--Le, California

We spent two hours driving to the beach this weekend and we listened to AVALON the whole time, over and over. We centered ourselves in a new space, while reclaiming the feminine energy that the recording helped us to find. Oh how we forget when we are driven by life's unending tasks/demands.

--Ellen, Pennsylvania

Scuba shot 23rd June 2001

It seems like I have been working on AVALON since I was born.

The fact is, I began writing most of the music for AVALON three years ago. We formed The Avalon Project to move it out into the world on CD and in concert as soon as I completed the work in the fall of 2000. The recording process began in the middle of January 2001 and we released the CD at the end of April.

Let me just tell you how happy I am to say I am now taking a vacation. The adjacent photo will give you an idea of where I will be until further notice.

This is one of the ways I maintain the "Avalon state of mind."

When I return from my holiday, I will share with you some of my favorite email responses to the music of AVALON.

Avalon CD Cover 21st April 2001

Well, my dears, I've completed "Avalon." Please go directly to Installment #7 - the final installment of The Making Of Avalon. That just about says it all for me at this moment. I'll be posting the responses I'm already receiving shortly.

My deepest thanks to everyone who wrote and emailed me during the recording process. Your support was solid ground for me.

Listening to the
Listening to the "Mix"
1st March 2001

As if making a CD isn't stimulating enough, another dream of mine has just come true. A recording of Dusty Springfield singing my song, "Beautiful Soul" has been released after being locked in a vault somewhere for 27 years.

Like many women I know of a certain age, I began listening to Dusty Springfield when I was a teenager. Her renditions of "I'm All Cried Out" and "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" sent me into a swoon each time I heard them. What I identified with was her voice: the mix of power and vulnerability, of longing and defiance.

When I became a singer-songwriter myself, I had only one dream: that Dusty Springfield would one day record one of my tunes. Imagine my excitement when Dusty arranged to record my song, "Beautiful Soul" in the early 70s. Imagine my disappointment when this song, along with others on the album she recorded, was shelved by the record label.

I am thrilled that this new compilation release on Hip-O records is called: "Beautiful Soul: The ABC Dunhill Selections," with my song as the title track. I only wish she was still with us so I could call her and thank her for taking such a risk in 1974. As the liner notes say: "The emotionally charged Margaret Adam composition explores a progressive premise for 1974-love between two women. Dusty handles the delicate material with her typical sensitivity and a trace of sadness."

I have put up several options for you to hear at the Beautiful Soul page.

Margie at the piano
Margie at the piano
1st February 2001

The Avalon Express has left the station! I am currently rocketing along... passing through the recording of basic rhythm tracks, stunning harp and string lines. The "ripe and luscious" backup vocals have just been laid down.

In the middle of all this I received the most beautiful message from Dorothy Abbott, a woman I first met in Florida when she produced Liz Story, Barbara Higbie and me on our Three of Hearts solo piano tour. She is a dedicated activist deeply involved in international feminist radio programming along with many other concerns. Though I had forgotten all about the interview she cites, I'm glad I still agree with myself.
Dear Margie,

Thank you in advance for all the beauty and love you will bring us with the release of "Avalon." Your email caused me to pull out the January 1992 issue of Hot Wire. You are on the cover and the inside interview is titled "Welcome Back Margie Adam." What drew me to the article was that I remembered it was where I first heard you discuss The Mists of Avalon. You say, "The reason that Avalon receded into the mist was literally because people stopped believing that it existed." And you state, "My feeling is that what is happening right now is connected with some sort of collective impulse to reaffirm what it is that women do when they come together with a common purpose."

As bell hooks writes, "to imagine the way things can be."

Thanks, Margie, for keeping the collective vision alive for us and always reminding us what is possible.

Peace and love, Dorothy Abbott

8th January 2001

Margie at the piano
You know how I like to keep you posted. I am now within moments of beginning rehearsals for my new CD. I am doing last minute things like watering my plants before I climb into Spaceship "Avalon" and take off. Very thrilling and very anxiety-producing at once, as you might imagine. The players are coming to town, the piano has been tuned, the schedule is becoming clear. Please check out the section on this site called "The Making of Avalon." We will be putting up photos of process as it unfolds. I can think of no better way to celebrate and honor a process where many women will offer and combine their best efforts to make something beautiful called Women's Music.

You can contact me directly at:
And please sign our mailing list.

Onward and Outward!
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