"Adam's talent is so well balanced that the listener may be at first impressed by either her voice, or her piano - or her songs."
- San Francisco Examiner

We Shall Go Forth!   We Shall Go Forth! - LINK TO SOUNDBYTES

Recorded live in San Francisco, California on the eve of the Equal Rights Amendment Ratification deadline, this recording is a collection of songs of conscience... Includes a rendition of "We Shall Go Forth!" with three-part audience harmonies. A recording of this same song, with a Boston audience, has been placed in the Smithsonian Institution's Political History Division... Here is a clear-eyed and intense Margie Adam in concert with her voice, piano and intention all driving her performance.

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Executive Producer: Barbara Price; Sound Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones; Graphic Design: Schreiber-Peterson Design; Photography: Sharon Beals
Soundbytes and Lyrics

Sweet Friend of Mine
-   2:51 Tender Lady
-   4:15
Who Among Us?
-   5:11 Honor the Time
-   2:37
Letting Go
-   3:18 Dare To Struggle
-   4:00
Baby Child
-   3:45 Have a Little Compassion
-   3:24
Life Is Telling Me
-   4:18 I'm Not A Service Station
-   3:49
We Shall Go Forth!
-   4:13

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