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Los Caldonés
Words and Music by Margie Adam

Los Caldonés of Mexico
Have a prophecy
About the way the world will end
How life will cease to be

Into the roots of everything
Quietly at first
Slips a coldness in the heart
A coldness in the earth

It seems to make no difference
How coldness now approaches
We look away from wasted forests
We look away from hungry tears
We look away from poisoned waters
We look away from children's fears

     We cannot separate the two
     They are one in the same
     The suffering of humankind
     Our fall from nature is our pain

We are the heart and mind of earth
We are her eyes and voices
We are protectors of her life
She calls us to these choices

She whispers in the forests
She cries across the rivers
Don't look away from blackened skylines
Don't look away from homeless faces
Don't look away from lives endangered
Don't look away from violent places


(whispered)  Into the roots of everything... quietly at first
Los Caldonés of Mexico
Have a prophecy.

© Labyris Music Co. 1991

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