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Avalon Project Initiatives

2004 Election Activism
We Shall Go Forth! - A speech by Margie Adam
March for Women's Lives - Washington DC April 25, 2004
At the Edge: A Conversation Between Seeker and Activist
Music and the Labyrinth with Lauren Artress, Founder of Veriditas
Women's Music, Judy Chicago and the Labyrinth
Letter From Margie.
Community Labyrinth Peace Work
Press Release 10.14.02
Walking the Labyrinth a New Focus for Feminist Singer/Songwriter:
Margie Adam Brings Meditation Tool to Activist Community
Jewelle Gomez Reviews "Avalon"
Listeners Review AVALON
AVALON is in Borders Listening Stations Nation-Wide
Borders Action Alert
Getting past the cultural gatekeepers
Press Release 04.21.01
Margie Adam releases eighth recording, Avalon
Press Release 01.02.01
Margie Adam and Kerry Lobel announce project fusing culture and community

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